Some of our high school YALT members helping with the jr. high retreats 2013-14

Y.A.L.T. was established in 2004 to give the youth a voice in the youth ministry program. 

Who are we?

             Y.A.L.T. is made up of a minimum of twelve youth, numerous adult volunteers and the Coordinator of Youth Ministry.


What do we do?

             The purpose of Y.A.L.T. is to provide a voice for youth in the youth ministry program.  The team helps to provide ideas for programming and plan and implement that programming for both the high school and junior high programs of St. Michael.  The team provides a leadership basis for all involved in youth ministry and are positive examples for the whole community.


How do we work?

             Y.A.L.T. is split into three main committees that meet once a month as a large group and once a group as their own individual committee to plan the programming for the individual events that that committee is in charge of.  The three small committees are focused on three main areas.  The areas are as follows:


Service and Social Justice- The social justice committee helps to provide service events and educate others on the issues that are causing the needs for service to youth ministry and includes one service event per month.  This includes, but is not limited to the Respect Life Prayer Service, the Cardboard Village Project, and other service opportunities throughout the year.


Fellowship- The fellowship committee helps to provide for the planning and implementation of special programming such as youth trips, the haunted house, etc. for both junior high and high school youth ministry. 


Public Relations and Outreach– PR and Outreach helps with all communication from the Youth Ministry Office as well as assists with the Young Adult Buddy Packet Program.


Who can be involved?

             Any high school and junior high student is invited to be involved in Y.A.L.T along with any adult.  Although it is primarily made up the twelve appointed persons, anyone is invited to attend any and all Y.A.L.T.  meetings. 

How do I get involved in either Y.A.L.T?

Simply by contacting Aaron and he will let you know when the next meeting is that so you may join us or by simply checking out the calendar link on this website.

Youth Advocacy Leadership Team

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