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College Ministry

One of our newest ministries in the Youth Ministry Office is College Age Ministry. Although it is a newer ministry in the Parish, we are looking forward to providing a place for our young adults to gather and continue their growth in their faith. Right now, we are focusing on our college age and recent college graduates (18-25 years of age) young adults with hopes of expanding in the future. Look below for a list of our current offerings for young adults:

 Buddy Packets- Buddy Packets are a way for us to keep in contact as you are away at school. You can join this ministry by simply emailing your college address to us and we will send you an envelope of goodies throughout the school year.

 Mission trips We are taking both a winter break and spring break mission trip this year with our college students to Harvey, IL to help our family at Ascension/St. Susanna Parish.

 Have ideas for us or want to be a part of the young adult ministry leadership team? Please let us know. We are open to suggestions and ideas in the Office so contact us and let us know what you think this great ministry opportunity should be doing.

Young Adult Ministry (22-35)

A ministry for all adults age 22 to 35providing an opportunity to be part of a community of believers and seekers of the Catholic faith, to fellowship, participate in service, and socialize with one another, and to learn more on how to engage into the St. Michael community.

Upcoming College/Young Adult Ministry Events (Click Picture for more Info)

Saint Michael Youth Ministry

A Ministry of St. Michael Parish