Jr. High Ministry

Open to all 7th-8th grade students, our jr. high school program consists of various types of events and service opportunities and is led by our Associate Coordinator of Youth Ministry, Steve Scherdin. During the school year, we meet Tuesday evenings from 7-9 pm in the youth center for our drop-in program.  All are welcome!

Retreats– Each year, our jr. high program participates in two retreats: a fall and winter retreat. 

Service– We do out best to weave service into all events at St. Michael including our retreats.  Our jr. high program participates in various service projects throughout the year. 

Jr. High Youth Ministry is run by our Associate Coordinators of Youth Ministry Steve and Clare. 

Current Intergenerational Programs Jr. High School Students Participate In

Current Jr. High School Events (Click for More Information)

Saint Michael Youth Ministry

A Ministry of St. Michael Parish

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